Later this month 10th Planet Events will be hosting the TV and Movie Festival in Peterborough. The SFFN will be there to grab more interviews and excitement but you should consider going along yourself!

In attendance will be Peter Davison (5th Doctor), Jacqueline Pearce (Blake’s 7, Hammer Horror star and all-round legend), Shane Rimmer (Thunderbirds), Paul Darrow (Blake’s 7) and many, many more besides!

peter davison 5th doctorWith guests from Doctor Who, Star Wars, Blake’s 7 and Star Trek, this will have everything for the geek in you, probably.

Guest interviews, panels, and a chance for audience participation in Q&A sessions will be the must-see bits of the convention, as well as the usual autograph and photo sessions that 10th Planet have down to a fine art. Be aware of the cost of these, though, as they can mount up if you are not paying attention. I myself got a bit over excited at the last one and spent a lot more money that I had intended!

For all the information and prices, check on 10th Planet Events’ website.

We’ll probably see you there!

Guests Autograph
Photo Shoot
Peter Davison 20 20
Jacqueline Pearce 15 15
Nina Muschallik 15 15
Ayshea Brough 15 15
Shane Rimmer 15 15
Peter Purves 15 15
Paul Darrow 15 15
Garrick Hagon 15 15
Barry Noble 10 10
Vera Day 15 15
Stephen Calcutt 10 10
Derek Martin 10 10
John Levene 10 10
Louise Pajo 15 15
Chris Parsons 15 15
Francesca Folan 10 10
Joel Cornah
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