The Campaign Trail - Parliament Hexagon Part One

The Campaign Trail is back! This second chapter sees our heroes arriving in the capital city, Parliament Hexagon. There are talking trees, talking doors, and whispers of the mysterious Shadow Cabinet. Also there’s a dog.

Ballots, Beholders, and Biscuits!
A new vote is coming to parliament and it’s up to our heroes to swing things in their favour. But can they convince members of the Unicorn Party to support something their leader opposes?
Join Daeryth, Pelecos and Tilda as they plum the depths of political persuasion. And also go shopping for Good Biscuits.

The Campaign Trail is written and produced by Joel Cornah (aka The Miliverse)

It stars:
Aym Phoenix

Steven Poore

Joanne Hall

Theme music: The News Team by Dr Hollywood