Spencer Wilding – From GOT to Guardians of the Galaxy


We caught up with Spencer Wilding at Edinburgh Comic Con 2015. Spencer has worked in most cult TV and movie franchises, including playing a White Walker in Game of Thrones. He has also appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy, where he famously stole Starlord’s Walkman, and other great projects like Batman Begins, Dr Who, Harry Potter, Jupiter Ascending, Stardust … to name but a few.

Here he talks to us about about some of these along with his current and future projects, including working on The Royals and upcoming movies Frankenstein and Peter Pan.

Rob Malan
Rob Malan is a writer, reviewer and freelance editor. He is a self-proclaimed movie aficionado, and passionate advocate of great story telling across various media formats, whether that be in films, TV, gaming, books or graphic novels. He holds a dream of one day finding the means to transmit the multiple epic stories in his head telepathically to the world at large, and retains a vivid imagination.