SFFN Launch Video


A very big thank you to everyone from around the world who helped pull this amazing project together…..
to make something so inclusive and beautiful has been such fun.

Elena, Dani, Suna, Rob, Sven, Bernard, Mark, Becky, Tom and all the writers.
And a very big thanks to Francesca…..

Some people who are behind the scenes, who you don’t get to see are the team who built it.

Claire Leonard – Overlord
Dee Lunn – Web designer / Developer
David Carr – Animations
Nat Squires – Cameraman and Video Editor and all round good egg.

I so look forward to watch this grow and take on a life of its own.


Jay Johnstone
Jay Johnstone Founder. Fan, geek and nerd - painter, talker, designer, interviewer and generally likes to make stuff happen. " If it ain't fun - don't do it"