RenVCon Fall 2020 is looking for participants!


Renaissance Press is organizing another edition of our entirely FREE, entirely online conference with support from SF Canada!

We are currently looking for authors interested in participating to our conference which will be held this fall, in partnership with SF Canada!

What will it look like?

Just like the spring edition, this is an online convention/book fair, completely free for everyone involved, with a few differences: this time, we will only offer 2 days of programming, and instead of having back to back panels, we’ll space out the panels so people have time to socialize on the Discord channel (and hopefully sell some books!).

Since they were immensely popular last time, we will again have the virtual vendors room where we will link everyone’s books, and our Discord server for everyone to socialize just like they would in an in-person vendors’ room. Please note that the Discord chat is moderated. 


This conference will happen on October 24-25, 10 AM-8 PM.

Who can participate?

We are looking for diverse authors across the whole spectrum of genres. If you have books to promote, you’re who we’re looking for! Please note that we will prioritize the applications of authors from marginalized communities.

What if my book is from another publisher?

Your publisher is welcome to have a free, virtual “stand” in our online dealers’ room. Or, you can participate and have us link back to your publisher’s page without your publisher having to be there if they don’t want to. To be in our virtual vendors’ room, there is no other requirement than for us to have a link to their shop, a logo, and be informed of any sale or flash deal they are having. All we ask in return is that you and/or your publisher help promote the event by posting about it on social media.

Can we send you panel ideas?

The panels have already been decided for this edition, so when you fill out your application, please select from our list of panels the ones you would like to be on. If you have awesome ideas for panels, we’ll be looking for ideas for the next edition in spring 2021!


Francesca T Barbini
Francesca is the Managing Editor of The Sci-fi & Fantasy Network and the author of teen Sci-Fi series "Tijaran Tales". When not inside MMORPGs, she runs Luna Press Publishing, and publishes for the Tolkien Society. She also has a life.