A Look at Dutch Comic Con 2017

By Linda Krol


I was really looking forward to this event, it is the largest Comic Con in The Netherlands, so far.

This was my third time going, and I was in Cosplay mode!
The arrival at the con was really well-handled, and ticket check went smoothly. Then you came to an open area where you could meet up with friends, and have a photo shoot or two. There was a big curtain right after you entered, where you could stand surrounded by awesome Costume clubs. I saw The Dutch Garrison, The Rebel Legion, The Dutch Suicide Club, The Doctor Who fan club, GhostCorps: Ghostbusters Dutch Division, and more.
Was really great to see so much passion in those clubs.

The main stage was in the middle of the convention area – I even saw Dirk Benedict from the A Team! – where loads of Q and A’s directed at big names were being held, but also the cosplay contest.
A lot of workshops were happening throughout the day, like “how to become a Jedi”. I find that really cool, because really, who doesn’t want to be a Jedi?

I finally met my childhood writer Paul van Loon, which made me very happy. There was also a gaming area, where you could chill as well as play a game, or watch tournaments all day, including Fifa.

The dealer room was large, with nice big paths so you could walk easily between all the goodies without hurting yourself of someone else while wearing your huge costume.
A downside of the dealer room, was that it hosted a lot of the same merchandise, too much of the same funky pop’s if you
ask me. I would have liked to see more special stalls. But hey, that’s just me… Some of the most interesting stalls sold original products like Korean beauty products and Japanese candy.
I really got what I wanted, so totally worth my money, 20 Euro in presale per ticket.

Oh! Did I mention all the awesome cosplays? There were so many people who really took it to the next level! Well done to all the costumes.

The next con I will be attending is Amsterdam Comic Con, on the 2nd of September, and I hope Dutch Comic Con Winter Edition on the 11th November.

I hope to see you there!

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Linda Krol is a 32-year-old cosplayer from the Netherlands, with a passion for prop making. She studied fashion in school and started roaming the cosplay scene in 2008. Her main character is the 11th Doctor, although she can turn into Osgood in a heartbeat.

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