Happy New Year 2018 from the SFFN Crew!


Happy New Year dearest readers! We made it to the end of another year!

Posting for your delectation and providing you with a little bit of rest and relaxation, is the editorial team, in order of appearance on the SFFN:

Little Ole Me (Book Editor), Joel Cornah (Doctor Who Editor), Katie Alford (Games Editor), Rostislav Kůrka (Star Wars Editor) and Matt Crofts (Retro Editor).

We wouldn’t be here without the Man With a Plan, Jay Johnstone and the invaluable support of Claire and Dee, who bring us closer to you.

And as always, a massive thank you to all the fabulous NetCons who write for the SFFN, making it a truly multicultural and diverse place.

The SFFN will not change the state of the world, but we still believe that there is a place for what we do. Every day Fantasy and Science Fiction bring mankind ways of anticipating future problems, or revisiting old ones, and dealing with them; they aid reflection of times past and times to come; they inspire scientists, artists and politicians, as well as the everyday man and woman, to imagine alternative ways of doing and seeing things. And that is good.

May the coming year bring you health, everything you really need and the perseverance to make your life fulfilled.

Happy New Year 2019!