Halloween is coming and if it puts you in the mood for some seasonal scares then I’ve put together a list  of supernatural and horror themed games both new and old:


Recent  Releases:


Amnesia: Rebirth – 21 October



A survival horror game available for PC and PS4. It follows Tasi Trianon on her journey to find her lost companions.


Phasmophobia  – 18 September 2020



A four player co-op psychological horror which can also be played in VR.


Pumpkin Jack – 23 October



If you like your Halloween fun to be more platform adventure and less scares then this might be just the title for you.


Epic Games Store Free Titles:


If you want some free gaming fun this Halloween then the below titles are all free from the Epic Games store for a fixed period:


Costume Quest 2 – Free until 29 October



Layers of Fear 2 – Free until 29 October



Blair Witch Project – Free from 29 October to 5 November



Ghostbusters the Video Game – Free from 29 October to 5 November



Playstation Plus Free Title – October:


The following game is free for PS Plus members during October.




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