Recent leaks from a usually reliable source have revealed the likely characters to be included in the next in the next three Genshin Impact versions from 3.1 to 3.3. While these have not been officially confirmed it is always handy to have some advance indication of upcoming characters, so you can plan your wish allocation accordingly. The information leaked is as follows:


3.1 New Characters



5 Star - Electro, polearm, main DPS



5 Star - Hydro, sword



4 Star - Hydro, polearm.


3.1 Rerun Characters





3.2 New Characters



Nahida – 5 Star: Dendro, catalyst. The Dendro Archon which many have been waiting for.

Layla – 4 Star: Cryo, sword.


3.2 Rerun Characters


Yae Miko



3.3 New Characters


Wanderer (Scaramouche) – 5 star: his vision is rumoured to be changing to Anemo.

Faruzan – 4 Star: Anemo bow user.


3.3 Rerun Characters






None of the above information has been confirmed and could change, particularly rarities of the new characters but some of the information has been backed up by other leak sources and so should prove fairly accurate. If the above is correct then it means that when including Zhongli, who just concluded his rerun a few days ago, all Archons are having reruns in the next few versions along with the addition of the Dendro Archon in 3.2. If you are an Archon collector and have a hole in your collection then now might be a good time to fill it, so be sure to spend your wishes wisely.

Katie Alford
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