Coming Soon – Sci-fi & Fantasy Movies In July

Week beginning 27th of July


Zombies In Tha Hood (UK Release 1/8 – Horror Comedy)

Directed by Leon Mitchell (his movie début), it stars Claudio Marques, James McCabe and Christopher RJ Parker. In this movie, the UK government takes a drastic step to cut benefit cheats and the local chavs, by releasing a zombie virus in the council estates. Unfortunately, the virus comes out wrong and it creates dumb zombies.

If you find a trailer for this movie please get in touch!

The Cobbler (UK Release 31/7 – Fantasy)

Directed by Tom McCarthy (The Station Agent, The Visitor, Win Win), this movie reaches our side of the Atlantic. Starring Adam Sandler, Elli Meyer and Adam B Shapiro, it tells the story of a cobbler who comes across a magic vintage shoe repair machine capable of making him see the world from other people’s view.