Capital SciFi Con 2016 – Overview

Transformer cars.

This past weekend saw a new entry on the UK convention stage: Capital SciFi Con. It is a non-profit convention, science fiction themed, and organised by Keith Armour. We announced it a while back, and this past Saturday we interviewed Keith for you. But what else did we see?

The most important thing is that Capital SciFi Con supports CHAS, the Children’s Hospice Association Scotland. The self-imposed target was £25,000 and when we spoke to Keith on Saturday, he sounded confident they would meet the target. As you can imagine, this is an immense help for the privately funded charity who supports over 380 families in Scotland.

Capital Sci-fi ConAs we made our way to the con on Saturday morning, it became apparent that the locals had been getting ready to attend in their own way. Sitting on the bus  to Meadowbank Stadium, I looked up at the surveillance camera and was delighted to see that Zelda was sitting right behind me, sword and all! Then of course, as we got closer to the venue, groups of aliens, Jedis, Avengers and random members of Joker’s gang, began to appear on the sidewalks, keeping the shopkeepers and the passersby amused.

The stadium is a large venue and the convention took over 3 halls. The dealers’ room was vast, with artists and VIPs in attendance. It was the right place to empty your wallet on the many stalls, meet emerging and established artists, as well as getting autographs from actors, stunt doubles and puppeteers. We have interviewed some of the artists for you, so keep an eye out for those in the coming weeks: in particular artist Tanya Roberts, one of the pencil/inkers of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Yishan Li, currently working for DC and Darkhorse, plus Sara Julia and Gordon Neill, two emerging and talented names in the illustration world. We have also interviewed writer Gary Chudleigh, published by BHP Comics, where he tells us more about his latest book.

The art/prop room showcased skillfully handcrafted costumes and props, along with the Star Wars Exhibition, organised with the help of (W.Y.S.H.) Creative, by Mike Lawson. It was also the right place to be photographed with Leia in her slave costume … needless to say, the queue was huge.

The final hall hosted the Jedi Academy, organised by Andrew Lawden, Liam Neeson’s stand in/stunt double in Star Wars – The Phantom Menace. It was also the place to see owls in flight, to learn to shoot like a Stormtrooper, and get your picture taken with more cosplayers as well as cutouts of famous characters. And of course, the full Iron Man display (no Robert Downey Jr. included, however).

So enough of the chit chat – let’s get to a few pictures from the day, including some glorious cosplay!

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