BloodyNightCon Europe 2015

By Alexander Kratochwill


6-gests-EUFancy meeting some of the stars from The Vampire Diaries? There’s a chance for you to do so at the upcoming BloodyNightCon, in Brussels, held once more on the night of the 30th and 31st of May.

If things go as planned, you’ll have a chance to sink your teeth into the following people… ahem…



Ian Somerhalder

The bad boy out of the two Salvatore brothers is going to be there! Between filming and saving the world he obviously found the time to travel to good old Europe. Ladies and gents, seize the day.

Daniel Gillies

So to speak one of the vampire founding fathers - or at least family - Elijah, one of the Originals, will attend as well.

Michael Malarkey

Lovable, hatable Enzo! Though still one of the newer characters, he certainly managed to leave his mark. Maybe Michael will be kind enough to let you in on some of his careers plans.

Chris Wood

Kai is probably the most annoying and yet disturbing villain the show has ever seen. Also probably one of the few who gives us a smile now and then. And he jokes too! Chris is doing a terrific job with this one.

Kat Graham

Bonnie Bennett, the likeable neighbourhood witch who’s got some serious punch packed up her sleeve. Though I have honestly lost count on how many times she died in the show, I still like her for not giving up just yet.