The first PS plus games for 2022 are now available and is a decent selection of games with two of the titles available both for PS4 and PS5. The titles on offer as of today, 4th January 2022, are Persona 5 Strikers PS4, Dirt 5 PS4 &PS5 and Deep Rock Galactic PS4 & PS5. Feel free to read on below for more details on each title.


Persona 5 Strikers – PS4



An action RPG title featuring the characters and with a storyline that follows on from Persona 5. While not listed as a direct sequel, the storyline is quite reliant on knowledge of the events and characters from Persona 5, so those who haven’t played it might struggle to understand some of the characters and backstory. Persona 5 Strikers is made by a different developer, Omega Force, and instead of the turn based combat of the original title, has real-time action RPG combat. The game got good reviews when released with praise for its storyline, visual style and music. If you have played Persona 5 and haven’t picked up this title then this might just be your best opportunity to give it a try.


Dirt 5 – PS4 & PS5



An off-road driving game with over 70 routes across 10 locations. The game has a single player career mode and allows up to four players to play in split screen multiplayer, as well as the expected online multiplayer option. The tracks will have you driving on many different surface types including, ice, snow, gravel and sand. If you like racing games and haven’t picked this one up then it should be well worth a download. Feel free to check out the trailer above to see what else Dirt 5 has to offer.


Deep Rock Galactic – PS4 & PS5



A 1 to 4 player co-operative FPS. The game takes place in complete destructible environments, in which you can dig and explore the procedurally generated network of caves while fighting hordes of alien monsters. The game received good reviews on release with praise for its humour, gameplay and pacing and should be well worth a download for any FPS fan. Feel free to check out the trailer above for more information.

Katie Alford
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