Spirit of Duncarron 2017

Credit: Clanranald Trust for Scotland

Spirit of Duncarron is one of our favourite events of the year. Thanks to the Clanranald Trust for Scotland, you get the chance to see and experience life in an atmospheric medieval village.

What was life like in 12th century Scotland? I hear you say! From blacksmiths to warriors, from medicine men and woman to weavers, there is something for everyone. And it’s not all. International Celtic Rock band Saor Patrol, supported by The Dolmen, will also be there to bring some thunder to the party.

For those who have not heard of Saor Patrol yet, here is how the Clan would explain it:

“It’s a Celtic rock band with a mission - to raise awareness of Scottish culture, and, more specifically, to raise funds and awareness to build Duncarron Medieval Village.
The Clanranald Trust for Scotland founder and Chief, Charlie Allan, had the idea for putting the band together during the filming of the 1999 Ridley Scott movie ‘Gladiator’ (the movie which also began Charlie’s friendship with Russell Crow).
Charlie taught himself how to play the bagpipes, and ‘informed’ some friends - including current band members Mark and Kev - that they would be forming a band with him! Steve brought his guitar skills to the band in 2010, and the current line-up was completed by Andre in 2015.
The band has played around the world, and everywhere they play, they find new friends who support our Duncarron Village project.”

Saturday 24th June & Sunday 25th June 2017, from 12noon to 6pm both days.

Prices: Adult tickets (age 16 and over) £10, Kids tickets (ages 5-15) £5 and, as always, under 5s are FREE.

Ticketing: Buy online or pay ‘at the door’ – please note that they don’t have the facilities to take card payments at this time, so bring cash.

Credit: Clanranald Trust for Scotland


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