World Premiere! Bladerunner 2049 Music at Eastercon 2017!


Eastercon 2017, Innominate, is only a week away, but the excitement is mounting. An interesting and fun programme is always on the cards at Eastercon, the annual British SF conventions. This year there’s a cracker though!

There will be a World Premier at INNOMINATE. As a part of the Sunday evening live music event there will be a performance of music composed by Johann Johannsson for the new science fiction film “Blade Runner 2049“.

This will be the music’s first public performance and will make a great addition to the evening SF & Fantasy themed recital by Ondes Martenot player Thomas Bloch ( and harpist Pauline Haas (

For the youngsters in the audience, know that the original movie, starring Harrison Ford, came out in 1982, in which a blade runner pursued and tried to terminate four replicants who stole a ship in space and had returned to Earth to find their creator. It was based on the Philip K. Dick’s book titled: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Quite different from the movie, but a very insightful SF classic.

If you haven’t booked your Eastercon ticket, you still can. For information go to the web page