“What the Wind Brings” by Matthew Hughes


Out of the fires of Caribbean revolution, shipwrecked onto the jungle shore of Ecuador, a slave, a captive, and a shaman fight inquisition-era Spain for freedom.


What the Wind Brings is a Spartacus story, set in the mysterious, deadly rainforests of 16th Century Ecuador. Against all odds, a reluctant young hero rises to lead fellow escaped slaves and indigenous tribes against the might of the Spanish throne to create a new country. Matthew Hughes’s outstanding tale unites the beauty of The Mission with a stirring clash of swords, suspense, mysticism, and epic battle strategy.

“A triumph!” – Cecelia Holland
“Sensational” – Candas Jane Dorsey

Matthew Hughes writes science-fantasy and science fiction. An alter ego, Matt Hughes, writes crime fiction. A personality fragment, Hugh Matthews, writes media tie-ins. He has won the Arthur Ellis Award from the Crime Writers of Canada, and has been short-listed for the Aurora, Nebula, Philip K. Dick, Endeavour (twice), A.E.Van Vogt, and Derringer Awards. From a working-poor background, he became a journalist, then staff speechwriter to the Canadian Ministers of Justice and Environment in the Pierre Trudeau government of 1974-79. He has lived in twelve countries and passed through a half a dozen more.

More information can be found about Matthew at:  http://www.matthewhughes.org


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