Welcome to Geektopia 2016!

Nine Worlds Geekfest, Novotel London West, Hammersmith, 12th-14th August 2016


It’s that time of the year again and Nine Worlds Geekfest is coming back! Last year we had a great time, and you can see our interview with the founders here. As with last year, Claire Powell will be letting us know what excitement awaits us. So let’s start!

This year, Nine Worlds Geekfest, the residential unconventional convention, has expanded to a new venue, The Novotel West at Hammersmith, with room for 3,000 attendees, from 12th to 4th August 2016. There will be around 300 programme items under nine categories. There will also be a large, self-contained exhibition hall, with a full expo running alongside, to which convention tickets include entry, with room for 60 vendors plus bar and social space. Both day tickets and weekend tickets are available, as well as child concessions.

Academia & Humanities
Academia and Humanities brings together the successful academic conference with various other areas (History, Religion, etc.) that sit in the general realm of the humanities. There will be talks, panels and other items, covering such things as sci fi criticism, oral history, and academic astronomy, inter alia.

Crafting and Creating
Creative writing, cosplay and make up, knitting and yarncraft, food, drink, podcasting and child-friendly crafting workshops form part of the crafting and creating group. The defining feature is celebration of creativity. From distilling to diary-keeping, there won’t just be practical workshops: there will also discussion about communities, people and contexts that make all these things happen.

Readings, quizzes, an afternoon arcade where the Great Hall becomes a huge space for games of all kinds; music from The Mechanisms; the infamous Bifröst cabaret; comedy; midnight movies; the Duke Mitchell Film Club; rock band Dyke Hard; Bifröst Disco; Zombie Mixer Party; and Whedon and Steven Universe singalongs, are some of the entertainments lined up at Nine Worlds 2016.

The fanworks track explores not just fanfic, but also fan engagement and reworking in all media. Sessions this year include Cosplayers: Larp!; Shakespearean Fanfiction; Creating Fan Art; Collaborative Fanfic Story Telling; Drabbles & The Art of Brevity; Filking: Let’s write Nerdy Songs!; Youngling Fanfic; Happy Potter Fancrafting; Making Fan Vids 101; Online fancrafts, going beyond fanfic; Queer Perspectives on Fanfiction; Midrash as Jewish Fanfiction; Beyond the Winter Soldier: PTSD in recovery fics; Girl Meets Boy: writing female-empowered het fic; History of Femslash; Mad, bad and dangerous to know: Dysfunctional relationships in fanfic; Creating Fan-Made RPGs; Centering Villains as Protagonists; Characterizing Sexuality; Consensual incest shipping; Consent in Fanworks; Don’t Try This At Home: Dysfunctional relationships in fanfic; Fan Vid Show and Tell; Fandom Fashions Through The Ages; Fanworks Fandom Farewell Fair; Nine At Nine Worlds: Shipping Edition; Taken Out Of Context: AUs, canon divergence & what-if?; Talking Fan Art; The Role of Beta Readers; Why we love femslash; and Writing Superheroes.

The Gaming content group will cover play and playful thinking, be it digital, physical, tabletop or in-between. This year the group is branching out to fill more rooms with diverse, inclusive takes on physical, face-to-face play and gaming. The Nine Dice bar and lounge will be open all day throughout the convention, offering a wide library of games of all types.

Identity & Culture
Identity & Culture will be a focal point for discussion of the social justice issues, identity politics and marginalised identities that runs straight to the heart of what Nine Worlds has always strived to be about. Everything you loved about the LGBTQIA+, feminist and race and culture tracks – now with added disability politics (including specific spaces focused on neurodiversity), and immigrant focused content.

Living Word
Encompassing All of the Books, Comics and Fanfiction, Living Word covers literature, with a particular focus on science fiction and fantasy. In addition to a wide range of panels and talks, there will be Monsterclass workshops in Marketing, Writing Critique with Spectrum, and Editing, meet-the-author sessions, parties and signings. Sessions in Comics include LGBT Characters; Fear in a Handful of Pages; Splash Pages: Webvengers Assemble. Other panels include Genre Fun-Time Room 101; From Dragons to Diversity; Hugging your McGuffins: Fantasy vs Sci-Fi; Building Better Dreams & Nightmares; Meaningful exchanges of blows; Surviving in Writing; How to idea; How to review; New Voices; Psychohistory for real: Complex Systems as Sci Fi; Re-envisioning history as genre; Science fiction and science fact; Moral issues in speculative fiction; Societal structure in fiction; The end of the world and why we love it; Tricking the reader; No-One Sells Happy Life Day Cards; Where does mythology end and urban fantasy begin? and How to Nail Self-Publishing.

Moving Pictures
Doctor Who, Supernatural, Whedon, Game of Thrones and every shade of nerdy film have had a key place at Nine Worlds. So if you want to talk costuming in Arrow, Afrofuturist horror and why Buffy’s still important, this is the place. Sessions include: Live Commentary For A Mystery Movie; Star Wars and Fandom; Doctor Who’s Return to Comics; My Fave Is Problematic – Or How I l Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Joss Whedon; Eurovision and its fandom; Feminist Film Criticism; Powerful Victims: How to Write a Female Superhero; Feminist Issues in Jessica Jones; Kaiju Kavalcade; Beauty Of The Beast; Neurodiversity in TV and Film; Costume Design in Star Wars: A Visual Journey; Hiding In Plain Sight – The Secret Art of Opening Titles – Hosted By Andrew Clarke; Powerless Fathers and Other Mothers: Examining family-friendly horror; Time Travel in Film; Religion and Devilish Dealings in Horror Film; Modern #ScreamQueens and ‘Powerful’ Victims; Zombie Party & Return of the Living Dead; Why I Love Violent Action Films; Fans, Mans and Cannibals – Hannibal The TV Show; EWOKS!; Wild Speculation: Dr Who, Game of Thrones, Marvel & DC, Star Trek, and Twin Peaks.

Technology for People
Technology for People is about Things that People Use to Do Stuff and how the things and stuff change people. Not just looking at technology as objects, we’re interested in how it’s talked about, both inside of and outside of fiction, and its effects on people.

Also on the agenda is new media, how the internet and other new media are changing our world, and what it’s like to exist in the technology industry from a variety of perspectives. Dealing with the future, we’re going to be talking about things that are in vogue, like the ‘internet of things’ and ‘wearables’, but also dusting off historical ideas of the future and asking what they mean today.

The venue has bars, cafes, restaurants and outdoor terraces, perfect for relaxing and catching up with old friends and new acquaintances. To improve on serendipity, we’ll be co-ordinating and tracking a range of meetups for different interests, as well as our usual newbie sessions to welcome new attendees and help people find their best way of engaging with Nine Worlds. Most of these meetups will be in public or expo areas, so will not be limited to just convention attendees.

In line with Nine Worlds Geekfest’s policy, the programme will be both inclusive and interactive, with diverse programming and guests from all over the world, for audiences of all ages and interests.