Top 5 Vampire Shows 2016

From Dusk Til Dawn Vampire TV Shows

Looking for a vampire fix? Look no further! Here are my top picks for Vampire TV shows to watch (or re-watch) this summer…

#1 From Dusk Til Dawn

As a huge fan of Robert Rodriguez‘s film, staring George Cloony and Quentin Tarantino (who co-wrote the script), I was unsure what I’d think of the re-vamp (pardon the pun), but I have to say I love it…possibly even more than the original. It’s clever, hilarious, and deeper than you might expect. Packed with Aztec mythology and a real chance to explore the characters in-depth, the series is shaping up to be one of my favourit vampire TV shows of all time.

#2 Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel

buffy1In all serious this couldn’t not be on the list. An oldie but a goodie, Buffy still reigns supreme in the world of vampire TV shows and successful spin off series Angel is close on her heels. I’m not sure what keeps this show at the top of lists such as these year after year, whether it’s pure nostalgia, the genius that is Joss Whedon, or the fact that Buffy was one of the first mainstream TV shows featuring a female heroine to not only take off, but become a massively successful world-wide phenomenon with a huge following. It’s still smart, still funny, and while it may not boast the CGI, graphic sex and violence that comes with more modern shows, it’s still deep, still dark, and still something that an astonishing number of people can relate to. If it’s a while since you watched it (or if you never quite got round to it), it’s definitely one to binge-watch!

MV5BMjE1MjY3OTg5OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwOTI1NDcwNjE@._V1_#3 The Strain

Considering how epic The Strain novel trilogy by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan is, it’s unsurprising the series is turning into a favourite. A delicious twist on the classic vampire myth, del Toro originially envisioned this tale as a TV series but was unable to get it picked up. After shopping around for a while he eventually co-wrote the novels with Hogan and, once they had proven a hit and spawned a graphic novel series, went back to pitching it as a show.

I am so glad he persevered! The books are well worth the read but the series is a definite must-see!

#4 Being Human

Stick a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost in a flat together, stand back, and watch the sparks fly. I never thought I would love this show as much as I did. Situational comedies usually irritate me, but this one is different enough and dark enough to pull of the ‘oh my god, we all have to live in one place’ high jinks without it getting tired or annoying. In fact, as the show continued I got so invested in the characters I was truly distraught when it ended. Well worth the watch!


#5 True Blood

I admit it, I have a weakness for Sookie Stackhouse, so much so that a character in one of my own novels ended up being called Sookie. The books are a guilty pleasure and when the show came out, I couldn’t not watch it. I was delighted to find they’d taken the kernel of an excellent world and the bare bones of some fabulous characters and really fleshed them out. Oddly addictive and often hilarious True Blood is definitely one to add to your shelf (if it’s not already there!).


Honorary Mention: Supernatural

Although not a vampire-specific show, Supernatural often features vamps and generally deals with them very well. They’re fierce, deadly, and there’s (usually) no question as to whether they should be allowed to live. If you’re a fan of Vamp shows, odds are you’ll love all of this one, however the vamp-specific episodes to look out for are:

Season 1: Dead Man’s Blood

Season 2: Bloodlust

Season 3: Fresh Blood

Season 6: Live Free or Twihard; Family Matters; Caged Heat; Mommy Dearest

Season 7: There Will Be Blood

Season 8: We Need To Talk About Kevin; Blood Brother; Citizen Fang; Torn and Frayed; Freaks and Geeks; Taxi Driver

Season 9: Devil May Care; Blade Runners; Alex Annie Alexis Ann; Bloodlines

Season 10: Hibbing 911; Brother’s Keeper

Season 11: Don’t You Forget About Me