Star Wars Fan Awards 2018 Announced


For all creative fans out there, Lucasfilm has announced a special competition for this summer: the Star Wars Fan Awards 2018.

Star Wars Fan Awards is an extension of a formerly existing category, the Star Wars Fan Film Awards. Star Wars Fan Film Awards was an old tradition in Lucasfilm, reaching as far back as 2002. Through it, the filmmakers themselves recognised the contribution of fans to the fandom – something certainly deserved! Amateur storywriters and filmmakers who express their love through creativity are the lifeblood of the fandom, and it is only right that their effort gets recognised and highlighted. After a brief pause (last winner was 2016’s “TK-436: A Stormtrooper Story”, the unexpectedly deep story that posed some fundamental ethical questions about serving an ideology), this competition returns, widening its scope to not only amateur filmmakers, but pretty much anyone who can hold a camera or draw a picture.

So far, the categories are limited to video, photography and visual art (including costume and both traditional and digital art). The only peculiar thing seems to be that the categories include only videos up to 5 minutes (previously, the limit tended to be around ten minutes). Understandably, the judges want to save time, but for many fan-films, five may be a bit too little. Perhaps in the next years a wider range of fan creations would be recognised – and it would be nice if the scope of the awards went beyond just visual arts.

How about sound, for instance? Music is an inseparable part of Star Wars universe and its atmosphere, and there surely are enough amateur composers and fans out there. Their expression of their passion for Star Wars should not be pushed into the background, just because us humans generally react faster to visual stimuli. A fan-made soundtrack, a song performance, even reading poetry in Wookiee language could all be valid categories for such awards.

Same could be said about fan writers, even though I recognise the danger of the judge committee getting spammed and not really having time to read through millions of pages of fan-fiction. Still, again limited-length contributions – even short Star Wars-themed poetry, by all means – could make it possible.

For this year, however, if you are a creative fan, you have the chance to submit your creation this summer and get recognised for your efforts both by the Lucasfilm team and Star Wars fans worldwide. The winners will be selected both by Lucasfilm panel of judges and audience choice, in a total of 34 categories, and rewards are waiting each of the winners.

Full list of categories is available at Submissions can be sent any time from 18th July until 17th September 2018, with the winner selected in November.

May the Force of creativity be with you!

Rostislav Kurka
Rostislav is a Protestant theologian and a self-trained Sith, counting Jan Hus, Dorothee Sölle, Darth Revan and Darth Traya among his main influences. He hails from the hundred-towered city of Prague, where he had spent a large part of his life creating worlds and inspiring young generations to roleplay. His involvement in organising children's camps led him to accidentally writing a Lord of the Rings musical, which made him temporarily famous, and a Three Musketeer-Jedi fanfilm, which didn't. He has recently moved to the frozen waste of Finland, because that's it, the Rebels are there.