Star Wars Celebration 2019: What To Expect?


The biggest yearly Star Wars event is upon us this upcoming weekend. And with it, the most-anticipated Star Wars reveals. During the Star Wars Celebration, this time in Chicago, multiple panels are expected to supply news about upcoming Star Wars films, series, video games and more.

The Star Wars Celebration is an event with tradition reaching back to 1999, this year marking its 20th anniversary. First Celebration was connected to the release of Episode I: The Phantom Menace. But ever since then, this huge convention has welcomed thousands of fans each year, offering shared experience for fans, the opportunity to meet their favourite actors, writers and other figures involved in the ongoing creation of the Star Wars universe, and last but not least, dropping bombs with sneak peeks at the upcoming releases.

Even for those not lucky enough to visit the place there is a chance to remain on top of things. Starting 17:00 British Standard Time (11:00 CST) on Friday 12th April, there will be a live stream of the event’s most important moments accessible online. It is possible to watch it both on the website and on the channel

When To Expect The News

What are the important events we may want to see first-hand?

The panel on Star Wars: Episode IX starts on Friday, 12.4., at 17:00 BST. Is it too optimistic to hope for a trailer? Perhaps, perhaps not. We are, however, sure to get at least some sneak peek. So for all those who can’t wait to see how the saga ends, this should be worth checking out.

The EA’s panel on upcoming Jedi: The Fallen Order video game takes place on Saturday, 13.4., at 19:30 BST (13:30 CST). Given that literally nothing has been revealed about the game thus far, we may expect first specific information and maybe first looks.

On Sunday, 14.4., at 17:00 BST (11:00 CST) the director Jon Favreau will talk about the upcoming first Star Wars live-action TV series, The Mandalorian. Perhaps we can look forward to more specific release date, and some more details – such as a teaser, perhaps?

And a panel with Dave Filoni, the creator of Clone Wars and Rebels, about the upcoming “revived” season of Clone Wars, will take place on the same day at 21:30 BST (15:30 CST).

The set of previews will be concluded on Monday at 19:30 BST (13:30 CST) with a panel and a preview of the second season of Star Wars Resistance.

All of these are certain to bring a lot of material to examine and ponder. To be sure, even if you won’t be able to attend or watch the event, you will find a summary of the news, and what they mean, here at

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