Spirit Of Duncarron 2015

A Clanranald Trust Event


One of the most established and worthwhile Scottish trusts is the Clanranald Trust, a registered charity established in 1996, supported by countless volunteers (members). The ethos of the Clan has always been to promote Scottish heritage and culture through education and entertainment. Chief Executive Charlie Allan and Manager Malin Heen-Allan have worked hard right from the start to bring the aims of the Trust to life, and I must say, they have  done so successfully.

There are many activities that Clanranald offers, one of which is happening today and tomorrow at Duncarron Medieval Village, in Carron Valley: Spirit of Duncarron, a glorious weekend to witness firsthand the work of the Clan. There will also be the might of Saor Patrol, Scotland leading medieval rock band, Ometlan, a traditional Aztec dance group and on Sunday, you will also have the pleasure to see special guest Dougie MacLean.

Not even Russell Crowe could stay away from Duncarron! (With Charlie Allan) Photo by Art Attack Films for Clanranald Trust

Now, before you go any further, you need to know that the Clan has been building Duncarron for many years, a full size medieval village, from scratch and by hand. When you see it, you will be truly amazed. Seriously, where else can you find a working medieval village with Motte and Bailey and a dedicated working community to run it? It took over fifteen years for Duncarron to become an ongoing reality, with many historians, archeologists and architects involved in the planning, so that it could look as accurate as possible.

And if you think that the whole experience can be simply labelled under ‘LARP’ or ‘Cosplay’ think again: there is an awful lot more on offer. From archery to sword fighting, Duncarron has already been used as film and documentary set several times. Yes, that good and accurate.

The event runs today and tomorrow (20th and 21st of June), from 12noon till 6PM. And don’t forget to sponsor a log for Duncarron and to follow them on Facebook.