Read, You Must: Star Wars Reads Day


Star Wars Reads Day is an annual event which first took place four years ago. Starting from the 10th October, in various major bookstores throughout the world, Star Wars fans will have the chance to experience special programs related to Star Wars’ books and Star Wars in general. From Canada and the USA, through the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Japan and Australia, there will be readings, the possibility to meet some authors, book signings, programs for children and many other activities, depending on the particular stores.

To see if your local bookstore is taking part, you might want to check the current program below (updates are being posted on the official Facebook page ).

star-wars-reads-2015-usa star-wars-reads-2015-listin

Rostislav Kurka
Rostislav is a Protestant theologian and a self-trained Sith, counting Jan Hus, Dorothee Sölle, Darth Revan and Darth Traya among his main influences. He hails from the hundred-towered city of Prague, where he had spent a large part of his life creating worlds and inspiring young generations to roleplay. His involvement in organising children's camps led him to accidentally writing a Lord of the Rings musical, which made him temporarily famous, and a Three Musketeer-Jedi fanfilm, which didn't. He has recently moved to the frozen waste of Finland, because that's it, the Rebels are there.