This month’s PS plus games weren’t exactly welcomed by all. In fact, there is currently a petition running demanding that the games be changed. So, what’s on offer and is this fair? Well, the two titles available this month are Cities: Skylines and Farming Simulator 19. The titles themselves are perfectly good games, but it does seem a strange decision from Sony to offer two Sims games in the same month. The PS plus games on offer are usually a more mixed bag, offering something for a wider range of tastes. This month’s offer seems to assume that everyone is a Sims genre fan.

In their blog, Sony takes the slant that both games simulate different lifestyles, with Cities: Skylines offering a city building and management simulation while Farming Simulator 19 offers a more rural style, farming simulation. However, ultimately, if you are averse to simulation games then you’re sunk this month, a month when many are still stuck at home in lock down. It has happened before that Sony have changed the PS Plus line up following complaints by disgruntled PS Plus members, but nothing seems to have come of the complaints for this month’s, so far.

Feel free to check out the trailers of the two titles on offer below or to sign the petition here. I, personally, haven’t signed it, but I do recognise why some gamers might be upset about this month’s line up. At the time of writing, the petition currently stands at over 64,000.



Katie Alford
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