This months PS Plus games are available for download now. This month there are two titles up for grabs:


Shadow of the Colossus



A remaster of a PS2 classic which has received rave reviews on both platforms. Shadow of the Colossus received high praise for its visuals and storyline, which has you hunting 16 giant creatures in an attempt to bring a girl back to life. It is regarded by many as the best Playstation game ever made. The game was rebuilt from the ground up for its rerelease on the PS4, resulting in a game that no one could guess is 15 years old. If you haven’t played this classic then there’s never been a better time to give it try.


Sonic Forces



Not quite a classic but still a solid addition to your PS Plus library, Sonic Forces is the second title available this month. Reviews were mixed when this title released back in 2017. The game has three play modes “Classic” which is the standard side scrolling platform affair, “Modern” which is the 3d sonic play style and a new “Avatar” mode in which players can create and control their own avatar. The title was criticised for its level design, plot and length but received some praise for its character creation system and 3d gameplay. It was released as part of Sonic’s 25th anniversary. If you are a fan of the blue hedgehog then this title, despite it’s short length should be well worth a download.

Katie Alford
Katie lives in London; she loves playing games, is a published author, a digital artist and an astronaut. Okay, so one of those is a lie. Her blog can be found at and her twitch channel at . You can also find her on steam as Tailyna.