The free PS plus games this month have been confirmed as Vampyr and Need for Speed Payback. Feel free to read on and find out a little more about these titles on offer:




Vampyr is an action RPG set in London during the period of the Spanish flu. The player controls a newly turned vampire, Dr Jonathan Ried. The game received good reviews on its release in June 2018. It received praise for it’s writing and the choices presented to the player which impacts the game’s narrative. It was also praised for it’s gameplay mechanic allowing the player to eat potential quest givers in exchange for experience points to level up. However, it received some criticism for the ease and simplicity of its combat. For those of you looking for a dark and supernatural RPG for Halloween then look no further.


Need for Speed Payback



Need for Speed Payback is an open world racing game. It received mixed reviews on launch in November 2019 with many complaining about its high number of micro transactions and bad writing. It was complemented on its improvements on previous games but was criticised for its unwieldy upgrade system and its linear action sequences.

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