The free games for Playstation Plus this month were available from 1st October until 4th November. Please find below the trailer and a brief description of the games available this month.

The Last Of Us: Remastered



An action survival horror, first released in 2013 and then remastered for the ps4 in 2014. This game was released to rave reviews both for PS3 and PS4. Critics and fans alike heaped praise on the game for its graphics, characters and storyline. The title received a number of Game of the Year Awards and is widely regarded as one of the greatest games or all time. The Remastered version comes with all the PS3 DLC including The Last of Us: Left Behind a DLC prequal, following Ellie before the main title kicks off. The Remaster comes with improved graphics and runs at 60 fps.


The game’s action is is mainly stealth orientated but has plenty of weapon and combat options available should stealth fail. The game allows you to upgrade your weapons using collected items at workbenches. If you haven’t played it and you have PS Plus then this is an opportunity not to be missed. A sequel, The Last of Us 2, is due for release in February 2020.


MLB The Show 19



A baseball game released in March this year, it received good reviews and was considered as a return to form for the franchise which had previously been stuck in a bit of a slump. This title comes with a few new modes including the March to October mode along with substantial improvements to pre-existing modes. Free content will also be available for those who download and play this title between 1st and 31st of October.


While not as exceptional a game as the other title on offer this month, if you enjoy a good sports game and have PS Plus then this is well worth a download.


Katie Alford
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