The new line up of PS plus games has been announced. For the second time, what is on offer is two games of the same genre, Call of Duty WWII and Star Wars: Battlefront II, both of which are competitive shooters. This now, clearly, deliberate change of tact from Sony seems perplexing. The strength of the PS Plus games across most of the subscription’s existence has been the variety of the games on offer. Sure, there was always the chance that you might get unlucky and land two genres you didn’t like in one month, but most of the time there always seemed to be something you might like to play. If it continues as monthly games of the same genre then there will be without a doubt more disappointed PS Plus subscribers each month as a result.



That being said, the two games on offer are great games in their genres both AAA titles. For those who enjoy competitive shooters this will prove a bumper month. Feel free to check out the trailers below and decide if they are worth the space on your hard drive this month.


Call of Duty WWII



Star Wars: Battlefront II



Katie Alford
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