This month sees the last set of Playstation Plus games this decade, and many have voiced disappointment at Sony’s choices. Here is what is on offer:


Titanfall 2



Titanfall is a first-person shooter with both single and multiplayer modes. The player controls a pilot who can use multiple weapons, traverse the environment using parkour skills and kill enemies by utilising stealth or just shooting the hell out of them. While the game did not draw in the money hoped, it did get very good reviews when it released back in 2016 and many Game of the Year and best shooter nominations.

If you enjoy a good first-person shooter game and haven’t played this one yet then this title should be well worth a download. It’s certainly not a choice to be disappointed by, unless you already own it.


Monster Energy Supercross



This title is the less popular choice of the two, with many disappointed by its inclusion for the festive season’s PS Plus titles. This title is a motorbike racing game based on the 2017 Monster Energy Supercross Season with official bikes, athletes and tracks. It allows you to customise your bikes and make customised tracks. It released to mixed reviews with complaints about the loading times, physics and graphics but was praised for its customisation options and tracks.

If you like racing games, then this title isn’t bad and should keep you entertained for a while. While the game is by no means exceptional, it’s probably only on the receiving end of so many comments of disappointment, because being the Christmas period, and the end of a decade, many gamers had hoped for more. On an average PS Plus month, it might have received a slightly better reception.


Firewall Zero Hour – Free Trial



For those of you with PSVR there is also a limited free trial and double XP week for Firewall Zero Hour, available between December 3rd and 9th.

Katie Alford
Katie lives in London; she loves playing games, is a published author, a digital artist and an astronaut. Okay, so one of those is a lie. Her blog can be found at and her twitch channel at . You can also find her on steam as Tailyna.