This month’s Playstation Plus free games are available now and have been announced as Batman: Arkham Knight and Darksiders III. Feel free to check out the trailers lined below:


Batman: Arkham Knight



The final entry in a very well received series of games, Batman: Arkham Knight puts players back into the role of the capped crusader, for some very enjoyable predatory style gameplay, as you traverse the crime torn streets of Arkham City.

This title lets you battle some of Batman’s most famous enemies including Scarecrow, Harley Quinn and Killer Croc. If you have PS plus then it’s hard to think of reason not to download this game other than already having it, as it received good reviews on release.


Darksiders III



The long awaited third instalment in the Darksiders franchise brings more hack and slash action across the realms of Heaven, Hell and Earth. While the game could have been better received with a number of bugs and some long loading times blighting its enjoyment, it still continues the Darkisders franchise’s compelling storyline and gives players a chance to take the role of Fury, the third of the four horseman.

If you enjoyed any of the previous Darksiders games then the chance to download this one shouldn’t be passed up as despite a few shortcomings it is still a solid, enjoyable game.

Katie Alford
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