Sony have managed to leak the upcoming free games for Playstation Plus next months by accidently uploading them onto their website early. They have now been removed but not until after many websites got screenshots and announced the games. The August games are most likely the following:


Plants Vs Zombies: Battle for Neighbourville



For those of you who remember the good old Plants vs Zombies, this is not it. This is the third instalment of a third person shooter version of the franchise which started with Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare. The game allows players to battle in cooperative or competitive multiplayer matches across a number of different modes including deathmatches and turf takeover. The game released in October 19 to generally favourable reviews. If shooting plants or zombies is your thing then don’t do it in your garden, just download this game for free. Your neighbours will thank you.


Tennis World Tour 2



The title will give you a pretty good idea of what this game is about. It’s about Tennis. The game allows you to play as famous tennis players or to create your own and has a number of modes to play in, including a career mode or online competitive modes. If you love tennis and always wanted to be a top player but just couldn’t bear the thought of a practice regime or giving up those precious snacks then this just might be the game for you. If, however, you don’t like tennis then other than bossing around tour staff, there isn’t much this title would have to offer you. Feel free to check out the trailer above for a glimpse of what’s on offer.


Hunter’s Arena: Legends (PS5)



This is a multiplayer brawl game which where players fight with magic and martial arts to kill demons and other players. There are Many different modes, solo, Trio or Tag Match. Ultimately, the game pits players against players in an arena but there are also environments, dungeons and bosses to beat to strengthen your character prior to seeking out PVP targets. The version on offer is the PS5 version and is only available for those who have a PS5. Feel free to check out the trailer above for more details.


Above is the line up that was leaked but there is always a chance that Sony may try to change some or all of the games before the official announcement, but I would think it unlikely and that the above is most like what will be on offer.

Katie Alford
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