Sony are offering a selection of Indie and PSVR titles for free download until April 22nd. Feel free to browse below for a list of which titles are on offer:



An adventure game set in an underwater environment. You take role of a diver exploring the ocean and solving puzzles.



Enter the Gungeon

A roguelike video game in which you enter procedurally generated fire-arm themed dungeons to find a time machine.



Rez Infinite

A musical rail shooter where you control the avatar of a hacker to shoot down enemies. This title is also compatible with the PSVR.




An open world survival action-adventure game where you explore an alien ocean. You need to collect resources and battle creature to survive.



The Witness

A puzzle game where you explore an open world island and progress by solving puzzles.



Astro Bot Rescue Mission PSVR

A VR platform video game inspired by the mini game in The Playroom. You control Captain Astro on a quest to rescue his crew and fix his ship.




A VR adventure game where you control a mouse on a puzzle solving adventure through a fantasy kingdom.



Thumper PSVR

A rhythm game where you guide a beetle-like creature along single/dual tracks through a series of worlds.



Paper Beast PSVR

A VR adventure game where you navigate a world inhabited by digital lifeforms.