Peter Roy: Major Olander Brit On The SFFN


Peter Roy has a career spanning over 40 years. He has seen much and built an impressive resumé, filled with some of the most famous franchises in movie history.

In Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope he was the Rebel Engineer, and in Return of the Jedi he was promoted to Major Olander Brit. He has starred in seven Bond movies, Doctor Who and Harry Potter.

In Edinburgh he talked to us about the changing nature of acting, and when starring in Star Wars was indeed just a job.

Rob Malan
Rob Malan is a writer, reviewer and freelance editor. He is a self-proclaimed movie aficionado, and passionate advocate of great story telling across various media formats, whether that be in films, TV, gaming, books or graphic novels. He holds a dream of one day finding the means to transmit the multiple epic stories in his head telepathically to the world at large, and retains a vivid imagination.