Oxonmoot 2015 – What You Have Missed!


Another year, another Oxonmoot. One of the highlights of every September for me is to head down to Oxford, to celebrate the life of professor Tolkien alongside my friends. And that, in a nutshell, is what Oxonmoot is about.

In the past summer months we have published two interviews, one with Elena Krysova, current Chairman of Oxonmoot, and one with Shaun Gunner, Chairman of the Tolkien Society. Both of them did a great job in introducing the TS and its activities to our readers. On top of that, the SFFN wanted to give you a real feeling of the spirit of Oxonmoot, which is why this year we went along to join the event and to film parts of it, just for you.

As an educational charity, you can rest assured that Oxonmoot will quench your thirst for research papers on Tolkien and his works, as well as introducing you to the creativity of the participants in the masquerade and entertainment shows. While sipping delectable ales, you could take a stroll through the art room or amongst the dealers’ tables, before ending up in the craft rooms, to make your very own Smaug. Food is plenty and easily digestible with a hearty ceilidh, before you take your seat in the lounge for the Percival’s Annual Tolkien Quiz.

Above all, and no matter how you decide to spend your days, you will be surrounded by the warmth of your friends, the fellowship of Tolkien. Don’t believe me? See for yourself!