Meeting Olga Shvartsur


olechkadesign-pictureOlga is a Seattle-based, self-taught artist. I found her beautiful SciFi-Art when I was looking for something entirely different on the web, but I was immediately hooked.
Olga creates amazing portraits with a lot of love for detail. My favourite collections are – of course – Star Trek and the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who. Of course I was curious to get to know her better, so meet Olga in this short interview.

DG: Hello Olga, it’s great to meet you. You create awesome portraits. Why did you choose Star Trek Characters?
OS: Thank you! Last summer I was pregnant and stuck at home, so my husband suggested we watch Star Trek: TNG (he has seen all the series and thought I’d like that one). I generally didn’t care for sci-fi so I was skeptical at first, but after the first few episodes I was hooked, and we watched an episode almost every night – we finished TNG series a few months ago and are currently watching The Voyager.

DG: Which is your favourite series?
OS: I am three seasons into Voyager, and have not seen the other series besides TNG, so It is hard to choose a favorite between the two. When I first began watching The Voyager I was sure that I liked TNG better, but I am really warming up to Captain Janeway…at this point if I had to choose, it would still be TNG.

DG: Most portraits are from “Next Generation”. Do you plan to portray characters from another series as well? If yes which one?
OS: Yes! I recently painted a portrait of Captain Janeway. I plan to paint some of the other characters as well; Tuvok, Neelix and the Doctor are some of my favorites.

DG: Did you enjoy watching Star Trek? Are you a fan?
OS: Yes, I love it! Still watching an episode almost every night; it has become a tradition 🙂

DG: Do you have a favourite episode? And if yes, which one?
OS: My favorite episode is from TNG, Season 5 Episode 25 (“The Inner Light”)

DG: Do you plan on having a show on a SciFi Convention? It’d be great to see your art life!
OS: Maybe someday!

DG: Which of your collections did you enjoy creating most? Which was the most challenging?
OS: I really enjoyed painting the characters from TNG. The color portrait of Captain Picard was the most challenging; since I was fairly new to watercolors at the time, the skin tones in that portrait were particularly difficult for me.

DG: Thank you a lot for this interview. It was a pleasure to meet you.

hummingbird-watercolor-rainbowTo see more of Olga’s gorgeous art you can visit Olechka Design or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Dani Gutsch
Dani studied human biologies and majored in biochemistry, microbiology and tumor pharmacology. In 2008 she started working as a scientific assistant for Marburg University as well as starting her then "secret" career as an artist. Since 2012 she is fully working as an self-employed medieval bathing maiden, firedancer, stilts-walker, musician and writer.