Launch Date for Wild Sun

Uproar Books is thrilled to announce May 1 as the launch date for the sci-fi epic Wild Sun by Ehsan Ahmad and Shakil Ahmad. And to celebrate, the company is giving speculative fiction fans their first look at the stunning cover art.
Wild Sun tells the story of the native slaves whose lush forest planet is now ruled by the cruel soldiers of a vast interstellar empire. It is the first book to be brought to market by the new science-fiction and fantasy publishing company Uproar Books.
“This is a book about maintaining hope and heart in dark times, and about the patience and perseverance it takes to keep up the struggle until the moment finally arrives for you to make a difference and change your world,” said Shakil, who created the novel and its universe with his brother Ehsan.
Wild Sun’s ethereal watercolor cover is evocative of the novel’s themes. Artist Kirill Pashkov worked directly with the authors to capture their personal vision—blending nature, beauty, violence, and longing into a haunting work of art.
Following its launch, Wild Sun will be priced at $16.95 for paperback and $6.99 for ebook.
Readers have the opportunity to pre-order the ebook for a special price of $2.99.
About Wild Sun
On a world enslaved, the last embers of hope are fading into an unrelenting darkness. Conquered and broken, the natives are forced to ravage their own lush planet of its natural resources—all for the glory of a mysterious empire they’ve never seen and barely comprehend.
But not all light is lost. In the heart of one young woman alone, the gods have set a flame that cannot be extinguished. Cerrin remains as fierce and unyielding as the planet itself. And her chance to strike is fast approaching.
Above the skies of her home world, soldiers of the empire are welcoming their new civilian commander—a vicious nobleman blinded by hidden ambitions. When the new face of darkness turns its eyes on Cerrin, the fate of countless worlds will change forever.
Wild Sun is the debut novel of the Brooklyn-based Ahmad brothers and will be followed by two additional books in the Wild Sun series.
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