Twelve years after the release of the last instalment, Kingdom Hearts 2, and after many years of development with no concrete release information; finally, Sony have released a trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 ending with an important “coming 2018” message, giving fans the hope that their decade long wait might soon be over.

Just as interestingly, the trailer contains footage of a new Toy Story world, a revelation which is sure to please fans. Other worlds which have already been confirmed for inclusion in Kingdom Hearts 3 are Tangled and Big Hero 6. To date, the press releases for this game have felt rather carrot on a stick, mouth-watering but always just out of reach. While gamers know, all too well, that such tentative release dates do still have a tendency to wander. This announcement, at least, indicates that development has reached the final stages, and that the remaining wait should be measured in the months and years rather than decades or never.

Square Enix have certainly been dogged with lengthy developments cycles, recently. Let’s not forget the development disaster that became Final Fantasy 15, but at least they seem to be embracing the better late than never philosophy, which I’m sure is a relief to many fans. Here’s hoping for a 1st quarter 2018 release. Well one can dream…

Katie Alford
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