Kelsey Rae Barthel – Beyond the Code

Urban Fantasy Super-Heroine Themed Debut Novel


Growing up, Kelsey Rae Barthel, a girl from Hay Lakes, Alberta was obsessed with comic books and anime. Her dream has always been to get a career discussing the characters she loved and working within the comic book/anime industry. There was only one problem, she couldn’t draw. However, even with that deficiency Kelsey found another hidden talent, she could write. The proof of her writing is shown in her debut novel, Beyond The Code, a stunning novel that combines the genre of urban fantasy with elements of super- heroism in the form of modern-day warriors with extraordinary abilities who help break away from convention and fight for what is right.

Beyond The Code, published by Quill and distributed by Inkshares is being released on January 30th, 2018 across North America, and it will be available in Canada by Indigo, and in the U.S. by Barnes and Noble.
Barthel has written a novel that encourages depth of character, a belief and focus in right and wrong, and allows the readers to delve into a story that encompasses fast-paced action, deep seeded conspiracies, and visible remarkable powers of its protagonists. Reviews have been stellar and there is every indication that Kelsey Rae Barthel will be a fresh new look for the urban fantasy genre market.

The launch for the novel will be on February 11, 2018 at Happy Harbor Comics in Edmonton and will be followed up by a full Alberta tour to coincide with the initial reaction to the novel itself.

Beyond The Code is the debut novel for local Edmonton Author, Kelsey Rae Barthel. It is an epic urban fantasy about a group of modern warriors with extraordinary abilities as they break away from being mere tools of battle and become heroes. They must find the courage and drive to face off against the full force of The Order they once followed, to right the wrongs done against them and change their world for the better. They will face cruel Masters, heartbreaking betrayal, and the truth behind an ancient shroud of secrecy that will shatter their perception of their purpose. This story combines a covert shadow war, fast-paced action, deep seeded conspiracies, and remarkable powers.

Kelsey Barthel grew up in the quiet, little town of Hay Lakes, home to only five hundred people. Living in such a calm place gave Kelsey a lot of spare time to imagine grand adventures of magic and danger, inspired by the comic books and anime she enjoyed.
The moment she graduated high school she moved to the city of Edmonton and eventually began working in the business of airline cargo. While working long hours at the airport, Kelsey dedicated every moment she could towards working on her writing and eventually carved out her first novel, Beyond the Code.
Through social media, Kelsey learned of a new publishing platform that combined campaign fundraising and traditional publishing called Inkshares. Through Inkshares, Kelsey ran a successful pre-order campaign to obtain a publishing deal for her debut book, Beyond the Code. Now, she’s looking forward to making her way in the literary world and getting her stories into the hands of new readers.

Francesca T Barbini
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