Jedi Costume Tutorial

By Linda Krol


Here is the tutorial to make my Jedi costume.

The things I bought are:
1 brown pants/leggings – I chose leggings because it was slimming for my legs.
1 FX Ultimate lightsaber – because I wanted one and they are awesome.
2 belts: 1 big, 1 small, to glue together to make the iconic belt.
1 Covertech lightsaber clip.

Things I made are:
The tunic
The waistband (Obi)
The tabard
And the robe.

The tunic:
I had an old sand-coloured curtain which I liked and I wanted to use for my tunic and tabard. I found a nice pattern from Simplicity Spring 2013, Dutch version, and did a lot of tweaking until it was Jedi-worthy!
Alternatively, you can find a nice pattern that already has the overlapping V shape in it.
I just followed the pattern descriptions, and when I finished I put it on and tweaked it with pins while wearing it.

On to the tabard and Obi:
This was really easy. For the Obi I just cut out a broad piece of fabric and folded it in half, leaving a long piece 20 cm wide and a bit longer than my waist. Since I have a multicoloured tunic (from the curtains) I chose a nice sand-brownish as my main colour.
I put it around my waist to see if it would fit first; I sewed it (folded in half, remember) and then I added velcro to the parts that would overlap so it could stick together.

Tunic with Obi
Part one, done.
For the second part (the long strings hanging from your shoulders), I cut out two pieces in the same colour as the Obi.
The length was a bit of a gamble, I made it stick out from under my waistband, front and back, for 20 cm. Made a triangle in the front.

Now you have 2 long pieces that go over your shoulder and under your waistband. I sewed  together for 10 cm on the back so it will stay in place better.

That is your basic costume done.

The robe:

I made it out of dark brown felt, I used up about 6m of it. I used a basic pattern I found on Pinterest and just adjusted it to my measurements, cut and sew it.


So now I have the robe and the tunic.
This is not an official approved costume by the Rebel legion. I am working on an official one as we speak.11887997_1157516307598338_1450959306865888295_n

For the food capsules I took 4 pens and took the shells off them. Make a small dome with putty on the part that is open. Let it dry. Paint it in bronze or gold or silver and you have your food capsules.


For the lightsaber clip, I just ordered one online – Covertech lightsaber clip.
Officially the boots should be over the calf, in the same colour as your belt.
No visible things on the boots. (Those I wear here are not the right ones.
But just for a simple cosplay, almost any nice brown high boots will do.
And since I like it to be as screen-accurate as possible, I am still working on it 🙂11953252_1162481867101782_843431002290672994_n

LK Profile picLinda Krol is a 32-year-old cosplayer from the Netherlands, with a passion for prop making. She studied fashion in school and started roaming the cosplay scene in 2008. Her main character is the 11th Doctor, although she can turn into Osgood in a heartbeat.

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