With the new series of Doctor Who bringing back the Master once again in the form of Missy, it was time I gave you my interview with Geoffrey Beevers, who played the part back in the 80s. Beevers’ Master was a burned and scarred husk, having lost all of his regenerations and desperate for more life and a new body. We talk about his character, his career, and more besides!

Joel Cornah
Joel Cornah is an author, journalist, and blogger. He is the author of a number of novels and novellas including; The Sea-Stone Sword, The Spire of Frozen Fire and The Silent Helm, with the upcoming novel The Sky Slayer, expected some time in 2016. He is an editor for The Science-Fiction and Fantasy Network, head of the Doctor Who department, and member of the Tolkien Society. He is a frequent blogger for the Pack of Aces blog, focussing on issues of Asexuality in media, specialising in sci-fi and fantasy.