Innominate Eastercon 2017 Is Coming!

14-17 April 2017, Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel


Eastercon is a familiar tradition for all SF fans in the UK and beyond. Every year, hundreds of people gather together for the annual British Science Fiction convention, for 4 days of full SF immersion.

The convention is organised by a different committee every year, made up of volunteers, of course, who spend several months of their lives making sure that Eastercon runs smoothly and offers its usual great value for money. It is also a not-for-profit event where fans, authors, artists, publishers, scientists, academics and geeks in general gathers to network, have fun, and above all share their love of SF and speculative fiction in general.

This year Eastercon is called Innominate, and will be held in Birmingham, at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel. The guests of honour this year are author Pat Cadigan, artist Judith Clute and fan and convention runner Colin Harris.

The event has something to offer to everyone. A packed programme, often with multiple strands, runs through the entire length of the con, offering panels, talks, presentations, etc. For those who wish to be more hands-on there are workshops, covering all aspects of SF literature, from writing to self-publishing, to editing, etc. Fun and games are provided by pop up game rooms, masquerades, movies and music. It is also the host of the yearly BSFA Awards, an important event in every author and publisher’s SF year.

Finally, no con would be complete without the art room and the dealers’ room. Books, jewellery, paintings, prints, cards, t-shirts, you name it. They are great places to meet or say hello to your favourite artists, authors and dealers.

If you have never been to Eastercon, grab a ticket and try something new this year.

Take a look at some Eastercon of the past, in the words of the fans.