Heir to the North – Steven Poore Interview


I had a chance to talk to Steven Poore about his new book, Heir to the North. This epic fantasy novel was released at FantasyCon this year and caused quite a stir. With new and surprising twists on a lot of classic fantasy tropes, Heir to the North is set to be one of the most anticipated small press releases of the year.

Joel Cornah
Joel Cornah is an author, journalist, and blogger. He is the author of a number of novels and novellas including; The Sea-Stone Sword, The Spire of Frozen Fire and The Silent Helm, with the upcoming novel The Sky Slayer, expected some time in 2016. He is an editor for The Science-Fiction and Fantasy Network, head of the Doctor Who department, and member of the Tolkien Society. He is a frequent blogger for the Pack of Aces blog, focussing on issues of Asexuality in media, specialising in sci-fi and fantasy.