Future Worlds At Nine Worlds 2015


Spend a lot of time online living digitally? Curious about the developments in Artificial Intelligence or 3D printing? Ever wondered if it’s possible to tap into satellite communications, connect your brain to a computer, or even build a colony in space? These are the latest from Claire Powell at Nine Worlds.

Future Tech Track at NineWorlds Geekfest 2015 is showcasing the best from the world of emerging technologies and invites everyone to explore different future scenarios and learn from the pioneers in tech: real scientists and independent practitioners, hackers and inventors. The programme includes talks, live demos and workshops and aims to spark a debate and connect like-minded folks from all backgrounds.

  1. The Neurohacking panel will cover garage neuroscience topics: measuring brain activity at home, brain-computer interfaces & neurosocial networks.
  2. Stuart Nolan, a Research Magician with a few tricks up his sleeve, will be blowing minds in The Magic of Mind Reading. Join Stuart in exploring mind reading technology and learn some techniques from a real magician in this immersive workshop.
  3. Mike Holdsworth, Aero Technical Specialist for the Global Government unit at Inmarsat, will be giving a talk ‘A Satellite in Your Pocket’, followed by a drinks social for space app superheroes. Satellites have been one of the last remaining technologies that only governments can afford to have. That’s about to change – come and find out how!
  4. Andy Piper, who in his day job works for Twitter, will be presenting various Future scenarios at the breakfast session on Saturday 8th August. Now that we’re living in the year of “the future” from the Back to the Future trilogy, and years beyond the original launch date of Skynet, how certain can we be of what will come next?
  5. We live our lives through digital services and connected devices and generate data at an unprecedented volume: whom can we trust it? A talk by Paz, a designer and a self-confessed lifelogger on Quantified Self, Lifelogging and Longevity
  6. There will also be a talk by Stephen Miller on the Design of Complex Mechanical Puzzles: and a cryptic treasure hunt. Learn what happens when you combine cryptography and 3D printing and go on a real treasure hunt around the hotel after!
  7. Colonies in Space: humanity’s guide to leaving the Earth: Planetary surface may not be the best option for a civilization to flourish – find out what new homes Future Tech may bring us and how living in space could be the greatest benefit to the Earth.

The programme concludes with a talk by Matthew S Hayler, Being an Iron Man: human enhancement today, and the technology behind it. When technologies like robotics and AI are advancing so rapidly, how real is the idea of becoming someone like Iron Man today?