Christmas in nearly here but in Eorzea it’s already kicked off. The Starlight celebrations went live on Final Fantasy 14 on December 18th and will end on 31st December. This year has you using the power of music to reunite a father and son for the festive season. The quest kicks off in Old Gridania and completing it will earn you a cute, festive outfit for your feathery sidekick.



Similar to last year, after a bit of leg work, you will be taking command of a choir with a new song to conduct split into two modes, easy and hard. It’s been made a bit trickier this year with a new press and hold colour. The seasonal quest won’t take long to complete and will also net you some nice housing rewards.



Other festive items available is an Orchestrion Scroll of the new festive chocobo theme, a Goobbue wreath, a Choir Concert Poster and some Starlight Roll Cake. Remember that the quest rewards are only available until the event ends on 31 December, so make sure you log in in time to claim your reward.

Katie Alford
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