The Final Fantasy 14 seasonal event kicked off on 16th December and is set to end on 31st December. The event quest can be started in Old Gridania at the Khetto’s Amphitheatre. Up for grabs are two new minions and a Starlight Mobile. The event has you help a little yeti create the perfect snowballs to spread the starlight cheer with the help of a talking squirrel, of course.



With the new expansion having launched just recently, the queues for many servers are still quite long, particularly at peak time. If you want log in and complete the quest then mornings and late nights are the best times to attempt login, otherwise the queue times can reach as much as 3 hours. If you have a free account, then you may not be able to log in at all, at peak times, as Square Enix announced that they would prioritise paid accounts over trial accounts while server demand remains high. Be sure to keep this in mind, if you are planning to complete the quest close to the end date as you may not be able to get on in time to complete the event.

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