The festive season has kicked off in Eorzea once again with the aim of the festive quests to bring joy and happiness to all. Gone is the choir quests and in its place, you’ll find yourself carrying out various decorating duties around Gridania while teaching others the meaning of seasonal spirit. I’m going to be honest, in that I miss the choir mini game, as frustrating as it could be at times. The new quest has you instead dressing up some snowmen.



However, I’m sure what you really want to know is what the rewards are this year. Completing the seasonal quest chain will get you the Snowman Bell giving you the new snowman mount, which is quite cute if a little unusual in how it rides. Also available for purchase in the seasonal shop are Snow-dusted Trees, Unmelting Ice Partitions and Unmelting Ice Lofts which can be bought in whatever quantity you like using Gil.



If your dream was to decorate your private estate like Elsa’s palace in frozen then now is your opportunity. Just be warned that no floor items can be placed on the Ice lofts so, like the wooden lofts, if you want anything on it then you’ll need to use the glitch technique to get items up there. The Starlight Celebrations will be running from the 14 to the 31 December.

Katie Alford
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