The future is finally here. Thanks to the BBCs VR sports app, it’s now possible to sit and watch a live World Cup match, in a stadium in Mosco, without even leaving your front room. The VR app gives you your own executive box in the stadium with a couch, a bar area and a great view of the unfolding action. If you find yourself yearning for the close ups and replays of the TV broadcast then all you have to do is look up at the big TV screen which streams the regular live stream right above the VR action. It’s all very clever and, for me, is certainly the future of sports broadcasting.


The app is available for a variety of VR platforms:



Gear VR





I used the PSVR version which can be downloaded in the PSN store free of charge. Through the app I watched the whole of the Spain vs Portugal match, which was a great match to start with. When watching in VR you have three different viewpoints to choose from, a view of the whole pitch from the side and a view next to each set of goal posts, which is a great view from which to watch those epic goals.


So what are the advantages of watching in VR vs regular TV? Well, the first advantage is the atmosphere. In VR you really feel like you’re sitting in the stadium with the fans. Another advantage is depth perception which really envelops you in the action, particularly when watching from next to either of the goals. The only downside that I experienced was the lack of a score indicator or match time display, which I couldn’t seem to find anywhere in the VR interface.


All in all, I had a great time watching the match in VR and I’ll certainly be watching any further games this way. In fact, I really hope they at some point do the same thing with other sports. I’d love to watch Wimbledon in VR, but I think that might be a few years away. Shame.

Katie Alford
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