Fear FearCon 2017!


Con-lovers can look forward to a new gruesome horror convention from the well-known company FedCon GmbH.

 From 20th to 22nd October 2017, FearCon starts with famous actors and actresses from the horror genre at Maritim Hotel Bonn.

Keeping up with the theme, they are going to have a large Haunted House where visitors can learn how to fear the creepy beings of the shadow world.

 FearCon offers a whole weekend of attractions, lectures, readings, workshops, a large dealer room and parties. At the Vampire Ball and the Zombie Feast, visitors can give vent to their creativity by the choice of costumes and turn night into day.

 No one less than hell-goddess Glory (Clare Kramer) from Buffy is our Misstress of Ceremonies. With the launch of their website (www.fearcon.de), they present Candyman (Tony Todd), Margot Kidder (Amityville Horror, DJ Qualls (Z Nation), Patricia Quinn (Rocky Horror Show), William Sadler (From Dusk Till Dawn),Keith Allan (Z Nation), Michael Bailey Smith (The Hills Have Eyes), Oded Fehr (Resident Evil) and Michael Mundy (The Walking Dead).

 Tickets and further details, guest lists, admission prices, dealer information and much more is available onwww.fearcon.de

Francesca T Barbini
Francesca is the Managing Editor of The Sci-fi & Fantasy Network and the author of teen Sci-Fi series "Tijaran Tales". When not inside MMORPGs, she runs Luna Press Publishing, and publishes for the Tolkien Society. She also has a life. www.lunapresspublishing.com.