Edinburgh Comic Con 2016 – Guest List Update


The guest list at any Comic Con is always something to look forward to. Edinburgh Comic Con, which in 2016 will be hosted at the Edinburgh Conference Center, has started to announce some of the guests for 2016, and here they are:

Marco Rudy, a multi-talented artist who has worked on many characters, including two of the most popular in history, Marvel’s Spider-Man and DC’s Superman.

Jorge Jimenez has graced the pages of many top comic titles with his pencils and inks since the start of the decade, including Arrow, Smallville Season 11, Transformers, Amazing X-Men and Superboy.

Tom Raney is a prolific American artist with twenty years of notable work with DC, Image and Marvel. At DC he worked on Superman and Batman, but it is, however, with Marvel that Tom has made the greatest impact, working with some of their most notable characters like Thor, Hulk and the X-Men.

Chris Burnham has divided his career between mainstream superhero work and the independent market. For major publishers like DC and Marvel, he has drawn heavy hitters such as Batman and the X-Men. His collaborations with superstar writer Grant Morrison on Batman Incorporated and Batman and Robin are his biggest critical and popular successes.

Yishan Li is a Chinese artist who is internationally published. Microsoft and Seagate hired her for their promotional comic, and from 2007-2008 The Adventures of CG! appeared within the pages of Cosmogirl, the teen version ofCosmopolitan.

Bruno Redondo is a versatile penciller, inker and colourist, working mainly for DC on its most famous characters, who has an uncanny knack of communicating a character’s feelings through his art. In 2012, Bruno was on full art duties for Star Wars: Darth Maul – Death Sentence which was published by Dark Horse.