E3 2019 has launched off with a landslide of press releases and announcements, and it’s only just begun. Here is my pick of the announcements, so far:


Google Stadia – Subscription, Pricing and Bandwidth


Google have given further details on their brave jump into the games industry by announcing their pricing plan and bandwidth requirements. They have also confirmed the platform will be released in November for purchasers of their founders pack. This pack includes three months of Stadia Pro (their subscription based service) along with three months to give to a friend, a Chromecast Ultra and a limited edition blue Stadia controller, all for the price of £119. The Stadia Pro subscription will be £8.99 a month and comes with free games each month, the first confirmed to be Destiny 2 along with all its currently released DLC. There is also a non-subscription based service which will launch in January and can be accessed just by buying a Stadia game which can then be accessed subscription free whenever you want on just about any device that can run google chrome.

The above sounds great, but most agree that it is the bandwidth requirements that could prove to be Stadia’s undoing. Streaming in 4k is an ambitious aim and seems to assume that internet providers will be able to keep up with the data demand. Below are the recommended minimum bandwidths for each resolution offered:


720P – 10MB per second

1080P – 20MB per second

4K – 30MB per second


You can test your connection on google Stadia’s official store here . Being a lucky gamer, living in London with fibre broadband, mine clocked in at well over the 30mbs per second requirement. However, many people living in more rural locations are unlikely to be so lucky. Google’s claim of making gaming available to the masses, may just equate to the part of the masses who are blessed with fast internet speeds. Without a doubt cloud streaming is the future the question is, is the UKs data infrastructure ready for the future? It looks like we will be finding out in November.


Cyberpunk 2077 – Trailer and release date


A new trailer and a release date in 2020 has been announced for Cyberpunk 2077. The announcement was followed by the appearance of Hollywood legend Keanu Reeves who has been confirmed to be the voice actor for a main character in the upcoming title. The game will not be publicly playable during E3 but that has in no way dampened people’s anticipation.

Feel free to check out the new trailer in the link above.


X Box Project Scarlett – 2020 Release



Xbox have announced 60 gaming title updates and have announced their new console release in the holiday season of 2020. Their new console will be backwards compatible, will be able to produce 8k resolution and will have substantially decreased loading times aided by a SSD – solid-state drive.

Feel free to watch an overview of the X Box game announcements in the link above.


Final Fantasy 7 Remake – Trailer and release date


This long-anticipated remake title was finally given a release date of 3 March 2020. The announcement was accompanied by the reveal of a huge amount of new combat footage. Some of which, included the Mako Reactor boss battle, that many fans will remember from the original game. The game can be pre-ordered and those who do will be rewarded with some Summon Materia DLC.

Feel free to check out the new trailer in the link above.


Marvel’s Avengers Video Game – Trailer


Final footage flood gates have opened on this title giving fans a good view of what is to come in Crystal Dynamic’s upcoming Marvel Avengers game. A release date has also been announced as 15 May 2020, coming on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Stradia. PS4 players who pre-order the game are being promised beta access, although the details of that access has not yet been announced.

The game will be a live-service game with ongoing support and updates planned across multiple years and will be able to be played in teams of up to four people in online play.

Feel free to check out the trailer linked above.



All in all, there have been some very exciting announcements, so far, in this year’s E3 with the possibility of many more to come. I’ll be sure to check in again with the rest of the events tasty announcements.