The British Science Fiction Association Awards 2014 will be presented this coming weekend at the 66th Eastercon (this year going under the name of Dysprosium), at the Park Inn, Heathrow. It is a coveted award and all prize-winners will receive a trophy.

Let’s take a look at this year’s nominations:

Best Artwork

Richard Anderson for the cover of Mirror Empire

Blacksheep for the cover of Bête

Jeffrey Alan Love for the cover of Wolves

Tessa Farmer for her 3D sculpture, The Wasp Factory

Best Non-Fiction

Johnathan McCalmont “Deep Forest and Manicured Gardens”

Edward James “SF and F Writers in the Great War”

Paul Kincaid Call and Response, Beccon Books

Karen Burnham Greg Egan, University of Illinois Press

Strange Horizons “The State of British SF and F: A Symposium”

Best Short Fiction

Ruth E.J. Booth for “The Honey Trap” La Femme, Newcon Press

Octavia Cade for “The Mussel Eater”, The Book Smugglers

Benjanun Sriduankaew for “Scale-Bright”, Immersion Press

Best Novel

Nina Allan “The Race” Newcon Press

Frances Hardinge “Cuckoo Song” Macmillan

Dave Hutchinson “Europe in Autumn” Solaris

Simon Ings “Wolves” Gollancz

Ann Leckie “Ancillary Sword” Orbit

Claire North “The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August” Orbit

Nnedi Okarafor  “Lagoon” Hodder & Stoughton

Neil Williamson “The Moon King” Newcon Press


If you are a member of the BSFA you know that voting is now closed. The SFFN team will be at Eastercon and we’ll keep you in the loop once we have our winners.

Watch this space.

Francesca T Barbini
Francesca is the Managing Editor of The Sci-fi & Fantasy Network and the author of teen Sci-Fi series "Tijaran Tales". When not inside MMORPGs, she runs Luna Press Publishing, and books events for the Tolkien Society. She also has a life.